The only original member

Of all the bands that I like I would have to say that the Mr. T Experience is way up there on the list. Why you may ask yourself? Well at the first show I went to I got to meet the band and they weren’t jerks [like some musicians can be]. I’ve been to many shows since that night and, I would have to say that anytime I go to a MTX show it gets better and better. However, the band has had many members over the years and here is a quick run down on who’s who:

Dr. Frank is the commander of the "MTX Starship." He's the only original member of MTX, and plays guitar and sings and all that good stuff. He also writes almost all the songs (Jon Von wrote some songs when he was in the band). Aside from MTX he is currently in the Bomb Bassets with Joel and Jym.

Jon Von played second guitar for MTX from the beginning until he quit following the European tour in 1992. He briefly rejoined the band for a series of reunion shows, but it didn't work out. His last recording with MTX was on "Vive La France" which appeared on the compilation Can of Pork. After MTX, Jon was in the now defunct Rip Offs. He has also been known to play in a Monkees cover band in Sacramento with his girlfriend and Leesa from the Creamers.

Byron was the original bass player, but quit MTX after the recording of Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood in 1989. I don't much about other bands Byron has been in, although as a teen he was in the Bent Nails.

Alex was the drummer from the very beginning of MTX, and continued to play with them until 1993. His last MTX recording was the song "Hello Kitty Menendez" for the compilation Soda Punx Once again I don't know what bands he played in before MTX, and I'm not sure what bands he's played in since.

Aaron played bass, and replaced Byron before the Big Black Bugs tour, but his first appearance on an MTX recording was the Shonen Knife cover "Flying Jelly Attack" on the compilation Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them. His final recording with MTX was ...And the Women Who Love Them in 1994. At this point in time I don't know any of the bands that Aaron was in before MTX, but after leaving he went into Samiam.

Jym is the current drummer for MTX. His first recording with the band was on ...And the Women Who Love Them. I'm not sure of all the bands that Jym was in before MTX. I do know that he was in a band called the Slambodians immediately before MTX, but I don't know any of the others currently. Jym is also in the Bomb Bassets with Frank and Joel.

Joel is the current bass player for MTX. He first appeared on Alternative Is Here To Stay in 1995. Thank goodness, because without him the band would no doubt be no more!! Joel is also a member of the Bomb Bassets, with Frank and Jym, and even wrote some of the songs that were on the last album!

So anyway, after going to a Mr. T Experience show (no, Mr. T Is Not in the Band), and reading all the interviews that lead guitarist/singer/all around swell guy, Dr. Frank (who scored the highest on the S.A.T.'s in the nation when he was in High School), bassist/backup vocals/the bounciest man in Punk Rock, Joel (the National Merit Scholar), and the Strong, Silent Drummer (and other "stuff") Jym, we decided to ask if we could interview them also. After short email conversations with Dr. Frank, we were told we would be able to interview them at their next New York concert, May 9th at Coney Island High.

Before the show, Dr. Frank was too busy with other interviews, but after the show (opened by the Heartdrops, followed by The Teen Idols), we were told by Joel to go backstage and wait. Unfortunately, the rest of the band was busy with post-show activities to be there, but we did get to interview Dr. Frank. (By the way, Dr. Frank was nice enough to pose for the photos that would have been used to liven up this article. However, they did not come out so we regret to inform you that we have none to show, so put that in your pipe and smoke it)

Right before we interviewed Dr. Frank, on stage the band had a few comments towards people that have fanzines. So, here goes nothing, you might learn something:

1) They're favorite Star Wars character is Chewie

2) They're favorite Breakfast Cereal is Cap'n Crunch

3) They're Anti-Nazi

4) They feel that World War 2 Was the best World War