On with the interview

Pat--I heard you were getting married or you are married or something like that, is that right?

Frank--Well not yet, I’ve gotta, um, my girlfriend is British. So if it all ends up working out, she’s supposed to live here and then we’d be getting married. If not, it’s like a far off thing.

Ryan--It doesn’t look like it’s happening?

F--Well I don’t know yes or no, but it’s like if, well alot of road has to intraverse before that were to happen.

P--We lost our connection then but we got you these [hands Frank $5 gift certificate to Wendy’s].

F--[laughing] That’s cool, that’s excellent, thank you very much.

R--So now you can go out and get cheeseburgers.

F--You know what, that’s the nicest thing anyone has ever given me [laughing].

Alex--We had something nicer but it got ruined in the rain.


A--We had something nicer but it got ruined in the rain.

R--In our school, we have this joke. There’s three people there: there’s us, people who like professional wrestling, and people that are into rap and they’re always doing eastside, westside. So Pat tell him what you came up with.

P--I made up mid-west style.

F--Made up what?

P--Mid-west style.

R--That’s Pats rap.

F--Oh yeah?

A--So he made an award presenting that you were the most mid-west style kickin’ band.

F--[laughing] Wow, okay.

R--It sorta got ruined ...

F--It got ruined huh?

R--We had alot of spare time ...

F--Well this is great. I’ll treasure these [laughing]

R--For those people who don’t know can you just sum up the band?

F--the Mr. T Experience is a punk rock band. We’ve been together for like 12 years [with various members] and, most of the songs are about girls and, that’s about it. That’s about all you can say about it really.

P--What were your favorite high school subjects?

F--You know, I slept through high school. I can’t really remember much of it. My main memory of high school, was being locked in the locker. Which used to happen about everyday, and other than that it’s all a blur. Sorry but that’s it.

P--We’ve heard the “History of the Concept of the Soul”, what grade did you get on it?

F--I think I got a B+.

P--And we’ve been learning about earthquakes in science, you’re from California, what do you think about earthquakes?

F--Earthquakes are alot of fun. I’ve really thoroughly enjoyed all the earthquakes I’ve been in. The really big one, from about ‘91 or so, whenever that was, Wilmapieta [I think that’s the spelling for it, not sure]. That one, I was walking down the street at the time and, I saw a guy fall off his bike. The road really did, you know [doing swerving gesture with his hands at this point], the earth moved under my feet, that was kinda cool. And I saw a building burn down, I never saw that before. I mean a whole building just burned down, it was a Pinks Department Store. And so me and my friends just sat there watching it and I mean I thoroughly enjoyed that earthquake. They’re alot of fun, it’s like a amusement park.

R--Does anybody still have jobs outside the band?

F--Nope, this is, punk rock is our job.

R--What was the last job you had?

F--The last job I had, I worked for the University of California as a computer programmer.

A--Let me get some pictures [Frank makes funny faces].

P--And since you seem to be performing during the night, do you watch alot of latenight TV, or like morning cartoons?

F--Uh, you know that I, the only. I wake up, I usually wake up pretty early because I can’t relax to sleep very much. I always watch, I end up in the hotel room and what’s on when I’m up is like, Montell Williams, Jerry Springer, Jenny Jones, that sorta thing. So I watch alot of that when I’m on the road.

P--And, does it make you feel old to see shows you watched on TV as a kid on “Nick-At-Nite” already?

F--I’m very used to that, I mean that doesn’t make me feel old. It makes me feel old that my band has fans that are in high school like you doing, I never thought I’d get this whole thing. But TV is ageless, TV is timeless.

R--Who’s the black private dick that’s a sexmachine to all the chicks?

F--Who’s the what?

R--Who’s the black private dick that’s a sexmachine to all the chicks?

P--I heard it was Jym.

F--You know that would be Shaft.

P--And do you think that since he’s 20, Urkel should go off the air?

F--I hadn’t realized Urkle was still on the air. You know, I think he should do whatever he can get away with. That kind of basically goes for us all.

P--Who would win in a fight between Rick “Superfreak” James and Robert Van Winkle a.k.a. Vanilla Ice?

F--I’ve heard that Rick James is a twisted guy, so I’d bet on him. But you know I really don’t know much about Vanilla Ice [does anybody?].

R--When you’re on tour, do you stay at friends houses, hotels, etc.?

F--We stay, these days, we stay in hotels, Motel 6 usually.

P--Do you enjoy touring?

F--It’s alright, yeah.

P--Are there any bands you like to tour with more than others?

F--Well, you know we ...

At this point some guy with a giant pompadour interrupted us. He proceeded to see how many times he could say fuck in a conversation. We never did get the question answered so too bad I guess.

R--In the past, I’ve heard you don’t like your names getting circulated. So how come in the Generations I album, it has all your names, first and last?

F--It was a mistake, they messed up.

P--How has country music effected your songs?

F--Well you know it showed me the way to go. It’s an ideal to aspire to, that is very hard to achieve. It’s the idiom that has the most, purest form of songwriting art or whatever.

R--On the CD of “Our Bodies, Our Selves” where did the Girl Scout Song come from?

For those of you who don’t know after the last song on that album there is a gap of space and then another song, right before that song is the Girl Scout Song, confusing eh?

F--You know I was just checking the mike and I didn’t know they were recording. I was just goofing off and then they ended up recording it and putting it on and not telling me.

R--Recently, on the internet there has been discussion about hidden lyrics, where if you play the songs backwards. In “Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba” you hear “you are ugly”, and in “With My Looks and Your Brains”, you hear “My pickle, your pickle, I run, phonebook”.

F--That’s what I’ve heard, I’ve never actually witnessed it, but some people have told me that.

P--Where did the ideal for “Vive la France” come from?

What Pat meant to ask is why they picked French instead of Spanish, German, etc.

F--Well we had the song “God Bless America” that was a short song that we knew how to play. So we just though we would, everytime we had a request for a compilation track, we were just gonna do that song with different lyrics. So it would be easy and that was one of the set of lyrics.

P--Was “Marine Recruiter” based on true events?

For those of you who don’t know, this song was on the first MTX album and it is about a “Marine Recruiter” harassing Frank.


R--A kid I used to hang out with, his brother went into the Marines and he came back and he’s insane.

F--Really, insane?

R--Yes it’s scary. In interviews we’ve read ...

Lady--We’ve got an interview for you over here, MTV.

F--Oh yeah, MTV whooo, alright.

R--In interviews we’ve read we heard you still don’t know the lyrics to “Can’t Get There From Here”, and we were running out of time, so we found them and we’ve got them here along with yours.

At this time I handed Dr. Frank the lyrics to the R.E.M. song “Can’t Get There From Here” along with the lyrics that he sung when MTX covered that song.

F--[laughing] You’ve got them side by side, that’s excellent, can I keep this?

R--Yeah sure.

F--Yeah alright, that’s educational.

R--Was “Disconnection” based on true events?

For those of you who don’t know the song “Disconnection” is about Frank’s old girlfriend going insane, it’s also on the first MTX album.


R--In some interviews we’ve read that there is one song where you made up the words as you went along, can you tell us what it was?

F--I don’t think there’s anyone, where I actually made up the words. Some of them are kind of haphazard. But, I don’t think I ever made them up. If I were to make them up as I went along, they would be way worse than they are. I mean, I can’t really think very quickly.

R--Do you like doing the tribute albums?

F--You know, not really. I mean it’s like they give you some money to record with, you might as well do it but, I think it’s sort of a spent idea really.

R--Was the video for “I Fell For You” based on an episode of “the Monkees”?

For those of you who don’t know, this video does look like an episode of “the Monkees”.

F--Not particularly, I mean I guess the same idea but not particularly, specifically any episode.

R--Does the cover of “Road To Ruin” sound good?