Compelling Reasons Why Self-Care Isn’t Selfishness

The life of a woman revolves around her family. From dawn to dusk, you find her catering to the needs of others and neglecting her own needs and pleasures.

She makes the world of her children, spouse, parents, in-laws, friends, and anybody around her happy and well cared for. It is only her own needs that are sorely neglected.

We state out few compelling reasons as to why she should take some time for herself and not condone herself selfish for it.

  • Taking care of and worrying about others leaves any woman in a state of continuous stress. It has an adverse mental and physical impact. Foremost, it weakens your immune system. It increases inflammation in your body and gives rise to various disorders like improper sleep, weight gain, stomach ulcers, depression, irritation, and others.
  • The psychological changes in response to the continuous stress trigger a negative behavior from them. Instead of deteriorating in this manner, it’s best to take a break and preferably visit meditation retreats to gain mental and physical stability and balance back.
  • Continuous stress and underlying depression and frustration push a woman to eat mindlessly. Owing to this, she gains weight, becomes unsightly, and loses her self-confidence and self-esteem. Various diseases also start taking root due to this phenomenon

Self-sacrifice might look good, but it can only yield negative results. It kills you even before you realize it has happened.

To avoid all this, it is imperative for a woman to book some time at retreat centers. It will help her keep her identity and her self-esteem alive and kicking.